Perilunar Games

Embracing the Power of Play: Our Journey through Diverse Gaming Realms.

Indie Game Development

Perilunar Games is a new independent game developer, creating games for console, Mac and PC, and yes physical board games too, that people genuinely want to play. We’re bringing back the feeling we had as kids, playing and competing with friends, focused on better gameplay, stories, and so much more.

Let's Play

At Perilunar Games we’re focused on play. But what gaming company isn’t?

Together, we’ve grown up on a steady diet of video games, board games, role-playing games, and card games. We remember fun times playing with friends and we remember adventures and events that happened in the game, memories just as real and vibrant as any other.

Our mission is to recapture a piece of that feeling, those memories, and hopefully, along the way help you make some new ones.

Stay tuned in with Perilunar Games. Updates are coming soon!

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Perilunar Games is bringing back the experience of gaming. We want gaming to be, before anything else, fun. 

Games have become more advanced, more in-depth, and more complex. But they have also become more intensive on the part of the player in a way that can take away from the memories and enjoyment that we felt in the past. As a gaming company focused on what makes gaming fun, we are bringing games back to their roots, focused on developing an enjoyable experience for individuals, groups, and families. 

Stay Tuned for Updates

Games in Development

Board Games

We want to bring back board games for both the younger and older generation, helping friends and families get off their phones and make memories together.


Gaming has completely changed storytelling as a medium. But it is rare to find a game that makes us feel alive again. We're creating those games.

Card Games

Card games are often the simplest to play and the most fun to enjoy. We're developing card games that people can play with friends and family.


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